steady feet, don’t fail me now

well, i actually haven’t been so sure about this. i mean, everything on my previous webjournal was not wrong, like, at all. but i couldn’t push the thoughts of having a new place to write out of my head, probably because having been telling stories in the same place for almost 5 years… it was just rather too much. for whatever it means.

i still prefer relating whatever it is i am doing now with the noun diary than blog, anyway.
let’s see what will happen next. 🙂

as for the nowadays…
i’m still in jakarta and amazingly found myself getting attached more and more everyday to this city.

never. happened. before.

there is actually something with the overheated climate i cannot bear, living inside this two-times-larger bedroom for hours… well, okay, i gotta admit it was all about the 3.5g internet connection that works unbelievably well here. that’s how shallow i am.

anyway, i purchased sherina’s “gemini” yesterday while scooting away from the party of jhs besties reunion. and i truly fell for it. probably the best singing-seed indonesia could ever afford to have today. no, don’t even dare to mention derby romero here, no matter how the two related in the past. that happened long before he got lost between the raging hormone.

there are still many things i gotta do with this new blog, so i gotta go now. and oh, it’s my 11th monthversarry today, fyi. 🙂

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