don’t wake me up

okay, so… my housemaid who had been loyal to the family for — i’m not sure, around 5 years? — managed to finally hit the escape button, or in short: ran away. it was the least thing i could ever expect, and yet it just happened.

anyway, i could do nothing but survive it. can’t afford hiring a new one since it would be just as handful as me doing it by myself. well, believe it or not.

so yeah,
yesterday after having class from 7:30-11 a.m., i had to pay the water bills (turned out i had postponed paying it for two months :-P) and dropped last week’s laundry. well, i managed to dropped and said ‘hi!’ and had a little chitchatty gossip with farin inbetween those, anyway. and then soon after i got home, the first thing there was to grab (by sanity) was: the broom.

well shortly, i did almost all the household works yesterday (well, except for cooking). and now i’m kinda thanking everyone for inventing household jobs, because by having to do it, i won’t have to sign myself up to any sporting classes. good bye, pilates! 😀

oh anyway,
i am currently at jakarta now, for having a desperate need of someone to talk to at home. ha-ha. will be going back to bandung in approximately an hour from now, anyway. got a survey thing to do for marketing class.

err.. i still haven’t been attracted to write posts in certain topics on this journal. that’s why i still prefer to call it journal, anyway.

(and what the hell is happening to my internet connection why does it keep disconnecting me from the web by no reasons? grr. grr. grrr.)

oh, one more thing,
i had a very, very, very terrible nightmare last night. in my dream all i did was complaining and yelling all the shits out to DA (okay, in my dream he was the one to blame for everything, anyway). the dream was an absolute shock for me. most probably because i have never seen any visualization of me being crazily mad. it was monstrous. …and yet it seemed so real. God, pls.

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