fashion tv serves as my best back-up of itunes playlists

i am actually trying to make posts of pictures of some outings i had recently but my internet connection works slower than grannies before 12am and that kinda brought my mood to just type something randomly. of course, those pictures i was about to upload didn’t consist of any sneak-peek of my few-hours-ago bikini wax. and that bikini wax is one thing i’m currently so happy about. most probably my best decision i have ever come up with.

so, yesterday i had my financial analysis midterm exam. nothing so interesting about that, of course, except the fact that… umm, no. there’s really nothing interesting about that.

i’m still in the beginning of my exam weeks, anyway. still obviously got at least 3 more paperworks to do, one going.

i guess i am a little bit too proud of my academic life recently. pardon. that must be annoying.

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