What Went On What Went On

I still have that shock and disbelief feeling every time I see my design being produced and then worn. Especially when it happened to be a swarming moment, involving more than a dozen people. Last Saturday, when more than half of the world population were kissing and cuddling, G10Runners decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day in their own way by running a fun trail.

And as I mentioned before, I designed their running jerseys:

Photo courtesy of G10Runners

The designs


It’s always an honour to be able to contribute for a community on which I am also a part of. Too bad I couldn’t join them because I had to attend a family wedding in Sumedang that day. The view I saw while we were driving back home was kinda ‘trail-ey’ though:

All green
When was the last time I saw a view like this?

I also got the chance to catch up with these two moms (an expecting woman is also called a ‘mom’ right?) on Friday:

Taken at Baker's Street
Brunch at Baker’s Street

The ‘date’ continues to a session of karaoke at Pitch (BIP) and then cake-munching at Sugar Tribe (of course!).

On Sunday, I accompanied Fikri to a reunion:

SD Sabang ’96 Reunion

It was quite a lot for one weekend but absolutely was more than enough to bring me a week of content (and of course, hard work).

How was your weekend? 🙂

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