Few days ago, a good friend of mine asked me to draw something for her upcoming wedding. I felt honoured, but also nervous at the same time. I want this to be as near to perfect as possible… although I completely understand how irrational that wish sounds. Long story short, I decided that I needed to practice first. Fortunately, he was holding some contest in Instagram.

And this was what I submitted
And this was what I submitted

Not drawing anything for some weeks could seriously cause some serious lack of confidence when it came to facing the blank paper. Pardon the result, people. I, myself, always wished I could’ve drawn everything better.

Anyway, while feeling anxious and endlessly mocking myself for not drawing enough, my mind also wandered to a moment not so long ago.

I remembered one day, out of nowhere, I asked my husband a question: ‘What was the thing I do that you most enjoy staring at?’ I asked him this because I truly understand how ugly I look when I tried to focus on anything. It was always like a mixed expression of confused, mad at myself, or mad at the thing that I should be focusing on.

Then he replied: ‘I love to see you drawing.’

I felt amazed by his answer. I mean, clearly this shows that love is blind, but I never thought that he could ever possibly be that blind.

After a little more minute of feeling amazed, I then asked myself the same question about him. And I realised that my answer had never changed since years ago: my favourite view of him is him playing guitar. Period. Well yes, there were times when I was wishing for a peaceful nap and then there he was playing some chords with eager, causing my mind to do everything but resting. Nevertheless, I love him with his guitar, anyway.

And I started feeling incredibly thankful that no one in his life had ever told him to stop playing it. Just like how I feel about him never asking me to stop drawing and just start learning to cook better instead.

Then I started wishing for all people in the world to never tell any single person to give up the thing that he/she is feeling passionate about. No matter how bad they are at it. Because no matter how it seems to bring them nothing good in life at the time, it will definitely bring something to them someday. It could be the fame, the money, the pride, or maybe just as simple as the confidence in them.

If you ask us, though, our passion simply brought us to each other.


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